35th Heritage Days Commemorative Coverlet for Sale!


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Celebrating the 35th Heritage Days and to coincide with the special coverlet exhibit, the Society will be offering its first textile commemorative of a 40” x 40” square, double bordered jacquard coverlet.  The coverlets are made on looms from weavers David and Patrick Kline, owners of Family Heirloom Weavers from Red Lion, Pennsylvania.  The washable cotton yarn is comprised of three common colors of red, blue, green on a white background, and edged with two inches of fringe.  The pattern depicts the Double Rose pattern in the center and the Bird and Bush, and Star on the edges.  Northumberland County had 266 documented weavers recorded from 1774-1888.  Many patterns were similar in design throughout the Pennsylvania counties, but varied by the artisans’ home area.  This commemorative is to be a representation, not an exact duplication of a local coverlet.  The cartouche or signature panel in the corner of the coverlet reads “Wove for 35th Heritage Days 2016, Red Lion, York Co. PA David Kline Weaver”.  These square coverlets can be used for wall hangings, lap covers, tablecloths, or furniture covers.  For anyone that is interested, larger bed size coverlets can be ordered directly from the Family Heirloom Weavers using the same colors, cartouche block, and pattern.

Order form:  http://freelandfarm.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/WRFFHS-COVERLET-ORDER-FORM.pdf


Founded in 1978, Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history and heritage of the Warrior Run area. We accomplish this through annual events and ongoing activities, including:

Warrior Run Church
Oversight and maintenance of the
Warrior Run Church, buildings, cemetery and grounds.
Hower-Slote House
Restoration and management of the
historic Hower-Slote House and Farm.
Display of Artifacts
Collection and preservation of objects
made and used by settlers of the area and a research library.
Redware Plate
Encouraging the preservation of the crafts
once practiced in the Warrior Run area.


Featured Memorabilia

The “Heritage Receipts” Cookbook is a compilation of treasured historic receipts (recipes) of Central Pennsylvania, including 67 recipes spanning 120 years from 1750 to 1870. Recipes are demonstrated annually at Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Days. PRICE: $5.00

Heritage Days Medallion is a beautiful pewter piece, designed and sold to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Fort Freeland-Heritage Society Heritage Days. (Shipping Extra) PRICE: $1.00