Wennawoods Publishing books

Wennawoods Publishing books

Many titles from Wennawoods Publishing.    If need mailed, applicable shipping rates are an additional cost.

All books priced at $10 each.  Pictures are of some of the publications, and not all are available.  Please refer to list below.



Available Titles:

Brulé’s Discoveries and Explorations 1610-1626 (14 remaining)

Chief Logan:  An Anthology (9 remaining)

Clark Manuscripts:  Aboriginal History of the Susquehanna (11 remaining)

Diplomacy and Indian Gifts:  The French-English Rivalry for Indian Loyalties During the French and Indian War Year 1748-1763 (9 remaining)

George Croghan and the Westward Movement 1741-1782 (9 remaining)

On the Frontier with Colonel Antes (5 remaining)

The History of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley: From its Discovery to the Present Century (6 remaining)

Mirror of Olden Time Border Life (4 remaining)

The Olden Time, Vol I (4 remaining)

The Olden Time, Vol II (5 remaining)

Wilderness Chronicles of Northwestern Pennsylvania (3 remaining)

William Trent and the West (2 remaining)