Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Policy

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Policy
Warrior Run – Fort Freeland Heritage Society
Board Adopted-June 13, 2022

The Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society seeks to provide enhanced opportunities and stewardship for all board members, volunteers, students, and visitors that are engaged to learning about preservation, conservation and presentation of the history and heritage of the Warrior Run and surrounding areas.

Prior to Pennsylvania’s inception into the United States of America, the state has been regionally divided by cultural groups in regards to ethnicity, race, socio-economics, place, and gender identity. Within the geography of these regions, Pennsylvania’s diversity is a vast landscape that is regionally viewed independently.

Our commitment is to accommodate the needs, challenges, opportunities of the varied communities and populations represented throughout Pennsylvania. The Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society will foster the best practices and processes for initiatives reaching a diverse range of Pennsylvanians who engage with volunteers and visitors. The Society is committed to practicing ongoing initiatives to address the specifics of diversity and inclusion.

The goal of the Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society is to be sensitive to diverse groups of people from varied backgrounds, providing a welcoming atmosphere to all visitors which will be exposed to an inclusive view of history. All board members, volunteers, students, interns, and partners will be valued, respected, and seen as an imperative part of the operation, with historical collections promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and access in providing a genuine representation of history of the local Warrior Run area.

The Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society board members and volunteers will act in accordance with the ethics, standards, and best practices to support an experience of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Training will be consistent and an ongoing process to effecting change. Diversity can signify different ideas in different areas, but without limitations to race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or identity, religion, nationality, age, economic class, educational level, language, physical mobility and ability, geography, and marital and parental status.


Training videos or other materials will be updated to this policy as needed: