Blue Star Marker-National Garden Clubs, Inc.


In honoring all who have served our country, the McEwensville Garden Club installed and is maintaining a Blue Star Memorial marker outside the cemetery walls of the Historic Warrior Run Church.

The McEwensville Garden Club meets monthly in McEwensville, a few miles south of the Historic Warrior Run Church in McEwensville.  The Club was organized on July 10, 1934, and became part of the federated National Garden Clubs, Inc. on March 18, 1985.  Sarah Shuman was the first McEwensville Garden Club President from 1934-44.  In 1953, in her honor, a local hybridizer, Charles William Voris of Voris Iris Gardens, McEwensville, developed a rare peach iris which is still blooming in many local gardens today.  Sarah Shuman was one of the founding members of the Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society.           



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Blue Star Memorial Highway marker

RT 15 north at South Williamsport, PA overlook